FACE IT. FEEL IT. HEAL IT.                          

These WIPPs are my way to give back and help lift others up. I lived through a forcible violation and 5 hour abduction. When I walked out alive, I realized many victims don't. In that moment, my innocence died, my life purpose came alive. I knew my mission was to be of service and a voice for the voiceless. The work to get where I am today was not easy and, often, I wish it didn't take me so long. But here I am. I kept this incident a secret for many years, using clothing as my armor. Outfits were my outlet. I was a chameleon so that nobody could ever really know me, because, if nobody really knows the true me, they can never kill a part of me off again. 

 It took me many years to "Get Through" my trauma and unearth the wisdom beneath my wounds. I fully believe-- If I can do it, You can do it. And if you feel you can't, this is the community to help remind you, It’s possible. We’re never done evolving, learning, growing, shedding, turning our poisons into medicine… We are a Work IN Progress and that is something to celebrate! Life is a practice. Potential is boundless. You are not alone. We can unite through our many colors of pain and shine brighter. We can use that wounded part of ourselves to create value, inspiring others to rise up and believe in their own inner power to create change.

I created these WIPPs wildly asymmetrical, with crooked seams and stitches to mirror our own life's journey and the many paths we venture. Sometimes the road we've walked is dark and lonely and it seems easier to bury the pain. When we realize other people have sauntered down the same road and experienced the same wounds, we feel less isolated. Shared pain can be comforting and spark a willingness to engage in the discomfort. It did for me. I discovered, the sooner we FACE it, the sooner we FEEL it, and eventually HEAL it. Through my pain I discovered purpose, and these WIPPs are proof that we can GET THROUGH! So, it's true, ME and YOU have the courage to continue. And while you do, rock some funky ass pants that make you feel super cool! 

For every pair of Work In Progress Pants sold, $50 will be donated to The Joyful Heart Foundation charity. I chose them because I love their education and advocacy programs. I have donated $5 a month for years and I hope to donate $5k. 

Thank you for rocking some WIPPs and helping to rehabilitate, heal, educate and being an advocate for rape survivors. 

Learn and get support from the Joyful Heart Foundation.


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*The Get Through* - My term for courageously Walking INTO the fire, facing it head on through the burn, and transforming it into something value creating. This does not mean the pain disappears instantly or the event/trauma is gone. It never fully goes away, but the way it functions in your life shifts.